Jindai Temple

An old temple next to Sensoji Temple in Chofu, Tokyo. There are many natural springs and springs, and there are shops near Jindaiji Temple nearby. There are also a variety of local specialties such as Jindaiji Beer and soba pan.
It is a popular spot for exploring as a place where you can relax and forget about the daily noise. When you come to Jindaiji, please come to Jindaiji Soba Kiyoshi.

Jindaiji soba

Jindaiji soba is a soba noodle around Jindaiji, and its history is said to have started in the Edo period.
The area around Jindaiji is said to be an ideal area for making soba noodles due to its rich nature and abundant spring water and climate.
The soba noodles are refined finely soba noodles. Please enjoy in the fragrant bonito flavor .

Duck Seiro

This is the first recommendation for customers who stop by. The duck seiro of our shop is prepared with Kyoto-style preparation and is a special dish for you to enjoy soft duck.
Our duck meat is thick and very soft, and this is a very special dish with eggplant, shiitake mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms and white onions. Please enjoy the appearance and taste, and try the delicious soba with duck oil.

Herring soba

We prepare Kyoto style for two days and put the herring which we cooked carefully for half a day. The flavor of herring that has been well-boiled with sweet and spicy sauce oozes out into the juice, so you can enjoy our specialty noodles with a very high flavor.
“Nishin”, which takes 7-8 hours to prepare and cooked carefully. Please enjoy this one-hour dish.