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“Jindaiji soba kiyoshi” signboard menu “Duck Seiro” where you can enjoy the original taste of duck meat

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In this article, we will introduce “Jindaiji Soba Kiyoshi”, a store located in Jindaiji, Chofu, Tokyo.

The area around Jindaiji has many soba shops, and it has become famous as “Jindaiji Soba”.
Currently, about 20 soba shops are working hard to improve their skills.

[Our signboard menu “Duck Seiro”]

Commitment to “Duck Seiro”
“Jindaiji soba kiyoshi” is served separately from soup to enjoy the original softness of duck meat.
Duck meat tends to harden when heated excessively, so it takes time to roast.
Carefully prepared duck meat is thick and soft, and features exquisite flavor that spreads gently on the tongue.
Duck meat arranged like petals is adorned with eggplant, shiitake mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, and white-haired green onions.

~ A commitment to buckwheat ~
A carefully hand-made soba noodle that uses only the finest powder of stone mill from Hokkaido.
The soba noodles that are perfect for the crunchy soup
Our specialty is Hachiba soba with a gentle scent and throat.

You can add the special duck meat as it is or put it in the cold soup.
Please enjoy the “Kamo Seiro” of “Jindaiji Soba Kiyoshi” where you can enjoy various ways.

We have delicious soba noodles at Jindaiji Temple.
Please come to the relaxing space “Shiyoshi Daidaiji”.
All employees are looking forward to your visit.

【store information】

Jindaiji soba Kiyoshi

5-12-2 Jindaiji Motomachi, Chofu, Tokyo 182-0017

[Phone number] 042-483-3329

[Business hours] From 11:00 to 18:00

[Regular Holidays] Mondays and Tuesdays * Business holidays are available on public holidays

[Access] JR East "Mitaka Station" / Keio Electric Railway "Chofu Station"

2 minutes on foot from Odakyu Bus “Jindaiji” / 6 minutes on foot from Odakyu Bus “Jindaiji entrance”


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